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Intro to Product Marketing

Product marketing lets a customer know that a product exists and explains why they should care about the product. This includes the Positioning, messaging, channel selection, launch, and ongoing communication between a company and the market for its products.
  1. Learn Intro to Product Marketing with the Practica AI Coach

    The Practica AI Coach helps you improve in Intro to Product Marketing by using your current work challenges as opportunities to improve. The AI Coach will ask you questions, instruct you on concepts and tactics, and give you feedback as you make progress.
  2. What is Product Marketing?

    Product marketing is the process of promoting and selling a product to a target audience. It involves understanding customer needs and creating a strategy to position the product in the market.
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  3. What a Product Marketer Does

    A product marketer is responsible for developing and executing marketing plans, conducting market research, creating messaging and Positioning, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to bring a product to market.
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  4. When to Hire a Product Marketer

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  5. How to Build A Product Marketing Team

    Building a product marketing team requires identifying the necessary skills and roles, recruiting and hiring the right talent, establishing clear goals and objectives, and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation. It also involves ongoing training and development to keep the team up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.