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Our custom AI model draws only on domain experts to suggest next steps for your challenge
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We’ll find the best learning resources and use them to generate personalized next steps.
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Anatomy of a Good Challenge
This is very different from a Google search! In order to get the right custom advice for your situation, please type in a few sentences about your situation, friction, and open question(s).
I’m a product manager at a 500 person technology company.(who you are)
                 We are expanding our product portfolio, and I’m struggling to balance resource 
                 allocation and timeline dependencies using spreadsheets (your situation), 
                 resulting in conflicts and delays (your friction). How can I effectively 
                 manage resource allocation and timelines across multiple product initiatives
                 (your question)?
The Old Way 📚The Practica Way 📈
You're not getting promoted as quickly as you'd like. You know you have more potential than your current trajectory.Practica helps you increase the slope of your career by coaching you to perform better in small moments, multiple times a week.
You run into challenges on the job and you realize you're reinventing the wheel.Practica helps you quickly identify solutions from the world's top skill experts.
You want to grow your skills, but you're busy and you struggle to find the time.Practica helps you learn during your job, a few minutes at a time—not just on nights or weekends.
You're getting burned out at work from being spread too thin and doing everything yourself.Practica teaches you skills that help with burnout, including prioritization, time management, managing up, delegation, and saying no.
You achieve results every week, but it's hard to remember them when it's time for a performance review or job interview.Practica records all of your skill development and on-the-job wins in real-time so that you can present them whenever you need to.
You're curious and motivated, but the amount of content out there is overwhelming. You wish you cut through the noise and identify the best places to spend your time.Practica helps you zero in with a curated library of resources and guides from the best in the industry.
The world is changing fast. Are you keeping up?
Work is only going to get more challenging as AI takes over more and more of our easier tasks, freeing us up to focus on the hard stuff.
Make sure you've got AI on your side!
Practica members scale themselves faster, build better teams, and get promoted earlier. Here's how:
01 Hyper-personalized guidance
Practica delivers actionable advice that is relevant for your role and your company size and stage.
A series of career steps showing a title progression
02 Curriculum of expert resources
Practica guidance is based on the writing of industry experts. Our AI is trained on a human-curated collection of the best writing on the web, spanning more than 400 skills.
Example of a skill to learn from
03 Your career copilot
Practica keeps track of your accomplishments, categorizes and indexes your skills, and helps you advocate for yourself at work.
journal your wins and show off
A series of career steps showing a title progression
of Practica members create skill development habits*
of Practica members perform better on the job*
have made positive changes in their lives thanks to Practica*
*based on a survey of members with 1-1 coaching
Why Practica?

Get help instantly—any day, any time

There's no substitute for an amazing personal mentor, but people are busy! Our AI coach never needs to sleep and has unlimited bandwidth to help you.

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Pay less, learn more

Coaching is expensive! We're using the power of AI to bring you the best parts of working with a high quality coach for the cost of a streaming subscription.

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Judgement-free learning at your own pace

Practica allows you to learn in small chunks and at your own pace. There's no pressure to keep up with a group, and you never have to worry about asking a naive question.

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Get exactly the help you need

The Practica AI coach reviews thousands of resources in seconds to find the best one for you. Then, it personalizes the learnings to your unique situation.

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Practica is the missing puzzle piece in my career.”

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Software Engineer, Dropbox
What engineering challenges are you facing?
Trained on over 1,500 resources across more than 400 skills, Practica is the professional skills coach with broad and deep knowledge.

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