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Level up your team with domain-specific coaching

We match your team members with coaches hand-picked for their unique situations: 1-2 levels ahead in their field with experience at leading tech companies.
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Our coaches help your team members perform at their best

Empower your team members to excel in their roles and achieve their goals through high-touch coaching and support.

Supplement your managers' dedicated time and support
Increase product velocity and address your blindspots
Invest in skill development across your organization
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Practica is unique in how it caters to specific domains and departments. The philosophy around skill-building creates a new reality of what coaching could be.”

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Kenny Chiem
L&D Manager, Strava

Reduce your headcount expenses with coaching

Save costs by investing in early career employees, and by hiring and retaining your best talent.

Boost hiring conversion rates and attract strong talent
Improve employee retention and engagement
Increase job satisfaction and well-being
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How it works
01 Share your team's unique challenges
We'll get to know you during an initial consultation to understand the needs of your team to create your custom coaching program. Companies roll out coaching in a variety of ways, including selecting high potential ICs, fixed per-person L&D budgets, 6 month rotations, or year round coaching for the whole team.
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02 We match team members with domain expert coaches in their field
Our coaches are domain and level-specific and work at leading tech companies. Team members most commonly meet 1:1 weekly or monthly for 1-hour video sessions to tackle challenges together.
PM leadership coaching
03 Team members grow their skillsets and career
We use skill leveling guidelines standards set by top companies to create unique learning plans. You'll be able to access a dashboard of insights into your team's growth over time.
View team dashboard
Coach and Learner discussing a unique challenge
Guidance from an experienced leader in your field
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Grow into a stronger engineer with AI coaching
Get unblocked and make impactful, forward thinking decisions
Push yourself to take on more with the confidence of experts by your side
Commonly tackled skills
Coaching built my confidence in decision-making and presenting my ideas as a software engineer.
Coaches are matched to your team's unique situation
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Enable your managers to lead a strong team to success
Managers work with an experienced coach as a thought partner on how to effectively lead a motivated and productive team.
Set the right culture and processes for your team of managers
Unlock your managers' ability to become an excellent career champion for their reports
Commonly tackled skills
We offer custom coaching programs for new engineering managers
We match each manager with an experienced engineering leader from a leading tech company to grow in essential management skills.
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Frequently asked questions

  • How do I best distribute coaching across my team?

    Practica is best for individuals who are rapidly gaining responsibilities or who need additional support to excel in their current role. Most organizations use Practica for newly-promoted employees, first-time managers, and brand new hires. Practica also works well for any company that already has a per-person L&D budget.

  • How do other companies use Practica?

    Our customers work with their account manager to customize a coaching program that fits their needs. To learn more about a specific use case, read how Swoop matches their engineering team to Practica coaches. Read Swoop's story

  • How do I measure ROI of a coaching program?

    Our coaching methodology is effective and ROI-driven. Each coaching relationship is based on specific goals and skills mapped to each individual's current projects and challenges at work. Coaches routinely check in on on-the-job success, goals and progress. You'll be able to access a dashboard of insights into your team's engagement and skill focus.

  • How does the coaching matching process work?

    As a first step, we conduct a free intro call to get to know each team member, learn about their skill and career growth goals. We'll then use what we learn to precisely match them with a coach from their domain who has been in their shoes, usually 1 to 2 levels ahead of you. We also incorporate the coach's experience across industries, business types, company sizes, communication styles, and technical areas where appropriate.

  • Is this mentoring, coaching or something else?

    Practica is a blend of both. A Practica coach will give guidance based on their own domain knowledge and experience like a mentor, but they will also motivate and help team members stay accountable to their goals like a coach. You can think of Practica as a personal trainer for work.

Enable your team members to do their best work

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Accelerate skill development
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Grow from high-touch mentorship
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Access a curriculum of curated resources
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Turn everyone into an all-star