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  2. Intro to Mentorship

    Mentorship is a relationship between a more experienced individual and a less experienced one, aimed at personal and professional development. It is a powerful tool for career advancement, personal growth, and knowledge transfer.
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  3. How to be a Mentor

    Being a mentor requires specific skills, such as Active Listening, Empathy, feedback, and Coaching. Mentors should provide guidance, support, and challenge to their mentees, while respecting their autonomy and goals. They should also model ethical behavior and promote Diversity And Inclusion.
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  4. How to be a Mentee

    Being a mentee involves being proactive, open-minded, and willing to learn. Mentees should set clear goals, communicate their needs, and seek feedback. They should also respect their mentor's time and expertise, and be accountable for their own growth.
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  5. How to Design a Mentorship Program

    Designing a mentorship program involves defining its purpose, target audience, and scope. It also requires selecting mentors and mentees, matching them based on their goals and interests, and establishing clear expectations and guidelines. Program evaluation and continuous improvement are also essential.
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Career Framework
Mentorship is part of our Product Management Career Leveling Framework. Explore next steps in your career from this industry-standard model.