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  2. Common Delegation Challenges

    These are common challenges people face when gaining expertise in delegation. Tackling these challenges head-on can help you learn this skill quicker.

    It's a lot of work to make sure I'm delegating fairly and giving team members equal opportunities
    It's hard to trust others to complete tasks to the same standard as I would
    I need to provide much clearer instructions and expectations when delegating tasks
    Not sure how to delegate effectively when everyone else on the team is already overwhelmed
    Tough to balance delegation with my own workload and ensuring I am available to provide support
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  3. Industry-Standard Expectations for Delegation

    These are performance expectations for delegation at different competency levels. Understanding these expectations can help you measure your own proficiency and orient your growth.

    Recognize the importance of delegation. Eager to learn the basics and apply best practices in the workplace.
    Follow instructions and complete simple delegated tasks on time. Understand the importance of delegation in achieving team goals.
    Delegate tasks to appropriate team members based on their skills and strengths. Communicate clear expectations and provide feedback on delegated tasks.
    Delegate complex tasks and projects effectively, considering dependencies and potential issues. Monitor progress and adjust delegation as needed to ensure successful completion.
    Delegate responsibilities across teams and departments to achieve organizational objectives. Train and mentor others on effective delegation techniques and practices.
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  4. How to Delegate

    Effective delegation requires clear communication, trust, and understanding of team members' strengths and weaknesses. It involves setting clear expectations, providing resources, and empowering team members to make decisions.
  5. When to Delegate

    Delegation should be used when tasks require specialized skills or expertise, when there is a need for efficiency, or when leaders need to focus on higher-level tasks. It is important to consider team members' workload and capabilities before delegating tasks.
  6. Delegation at Early-Stage Startups

    At early-stage startups, delegation can be challenging due to limited resources and a small team. However, it is crucial for growth and scalability. Leaders should prioritize tasks and delegate based on team members' skills and interests. Communication and feedback are key to successful delegation in this context.
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  7. Common Delegation Wins

    Here are common milestones and achievements that people reach when learning delegation. You can use them as inspiration to reach your own goals.

    I'm spending a larger percentage of my time on high-impact work compared to last month
    Delegating a project to my direct report gave them an opportunity to grow
    I identified three recurring tasks that I can delegate
    I was able to delegate attending a regular stakeholder meeting to a less-experienced team member
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