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Employee Handbooks

Employee handbooks provide a central place for where to look to find the work policies at a specific company. Traditionally they have been used for HR policies such as employee leave and benefits, but increasingly they have been used to cover everything ranging from a company's mission, vision, and values, to the individual processes inside each department. Some companies have chosen to open-source their handbooks, including GitLab and Nylas.
  1. Learn Employee Handbooks with the Practica AI Coach

    The Practica AI Coach helps you improve in Employee Handbooks by using your current work challenges as opportunities to improve. The AI Coach will ask you questions, instruct you on concepts and tactics, and give you feedback as you make progress.
  2. How to Create an Employee Handbook

    Creating an employee handbook involves identifying the company's culture, values, and goals, as well as legal requirements and best practices. It should include policies on employment, Compensation, benefits, performance, communication, and conduct. The handbook should be easy to read, accessible, and regularly updated. It should also be reviewed by legal counsel to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
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  3. Examples of Large Employee Handbooks

    In recent years, a growing number of companies have been experimenting with creating employee handbooks that are designed to be more collaborative and comprehensive. These new handbooks are not just focused on HR policies, but also on the operational processes of each department. This approach is designed to create a more open and transparent Company Culture, where employees are empowered to contribute their knowledge and expertise to help shape the way the company operates. By including information about how each department works, employees are able to gain a deeper understanding of the company's operations, which can help them to work more effectively and collaboratively with their colleagues. Ultimately, this can lead to a more engaged and productive workforce, as employees feel more connected to the company and its goals.
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