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Company Culture

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Company Culture is part of our Design Career Leveling Framework. Explore next steps in your career from this industry-standard model.
  1. Introduction to Company Culture

    Company culture is the shared values, beliefs, and practices that shape the behavior of employees and the overall organization.
  2. How to Find Your Company Values

    Finding your Company Values requires understanding your mission, vision, and goals, as well as soliciting input from employees and stakeholders.
  3. How to Communicate Your Company Values

    Communicating your Company Values involves creating a clear and compelling message, using multiple channels, and modeling behavior that aligns with those values.
  4. How to Program Your Culture

    Programming your culture involves creating policies, procedures, and practices that reinforce your values, as well as hiring and training employees who embody them.
  5. How to Iterate on Your Culture

    Iterating on your culture requires ongoing evaluation, feedback, and adjustment to ensure that your values remain relevant and effective in achieving your goals.