Product/Market Fit

Product/Market Fit (PMF) was originally coined in 2007 by Marc Andreessen, defined as "being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market." Since then, entrepreneurs and investors have built upon that definition, with metrics and tactics for how to identify and measure it.
  • Introduction to Product/Market Fit

    Product/Market Fit is the point at which a product satisfies the needs of a specific market segment. Achieving PMF is critical for a startup's success.

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  • Tactics, Metrics, & Benchmarks to Get To PMF

    Tactics for getting to PMF include identifying the target customer, creating a minimum viable product, measuring customer engagement, and iterating based on feedback. Metrics like customer acquisition cost and lifetime value can help track progress.

  • From One-Time to Continuous PMF

    Continuous PMF involves regularly revisiting customer needs and adjusting the product accordingly. This requires a culture of experimentation and a willingness to pivot.

  • PMF Case Studies

    These case studies show how companies achieve PMF by focusing on customer needs, iterating quickly, and using data to inform decisions.

  • Bonus Content

    Bonus content includes resources for further reading on PMF, such as books and podcasts, as well as tips for avoiding common PMF mistakes.