Product Management

Product Strategy

A product strategy outlines who a product is for, why they need it, where a product is going, how it will get there, why it will succeed, and what business goals it will achieve.
  • Intro to Product Strategy

    Product strategy is a critical component of a company's success, as it defines the direction of the company's product offerings and how they will meet customer needs.

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  • Product Strategy Frameworks

    A variety of product strategy frameworks exist, including the Ansoff Matrix, the Product-Market Fit Pyramid, and the Kano Model. Each framework offers a unique approach to developing a product strategy.

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  • How to Communicate Product Strategy

    Communicating product strategy effectively is crucial for ensuring that all stakeholders are aligned and working toward a common goal. This may involve creating a product roadmap, using visual aids, and engaging in clear and consistent communication.

  • Product Strategy Case Studies

    This section is a collection of case studies examining different approaches to product strategy.

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