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Product-Focused Engineering

175 people are learning this skill right now!
Product-Focused Engineering is part of our Engineering Career Leveling Framework. Explore next steps in your career from this industry-standard model.
  1. What are Product Engineers?

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  2. Common Product-Focused Engineering Challenges

    These are common challenges people face when gaining expertise in product-focused engineering. Tackling these challenges head-on can help you learn this skill quicker.

    I'm a software engineer at a startup that is transitioning from a project-focused approach to a more product-focused engineering culture. The challenge is that I'm used to working on short-term projects with clear deliverables, but now I'm expected to think more holistically about the product and long-term roadmap. What can I do to shift my mindset and become more product-focused in my thinking?
    I'm an engineering leader at a mid-sized tech company. We have a strong product-focused engineering culture, but I'm struggling to balance the demands of the product team with the technical debt and infrastructure improvements that my engineering team needs to address. How can I effectively manage the competing priorities of the product team and the engineering team to ensure a balance between new features and technical debt?
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  3. How to Build a Product-Focused Engineering Team

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