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Intro to Eng Management

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Our introductory guide to engineering management provides a map of not only all of the standard people management skills involved in engineering management, but all of the engineering-specific management skills involved as well.
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  2. Engineering Management Overviews

    Engineering management is a field that combines engineering and management principles to lead technical teams and projects. It involves understanding the technical aspects of engineering while also managing people, processes, and resources. Engineering managers need to have both technical and management skills to be successful in their roles.
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  3. How to Understand Engineering Team Capabilities

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  4. Engineering Management Mistakes to Avoid

    Engineering management mistakes can be costly and impact project success. Common mistakes include micromanaging, not delegating tasks effectively, failing to communicate clearly, and not adapting to change. Engineering managers need to be aware of these mistakes and take steps to avoid them to ensure project success.
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  5. Engineering Management Books

    There are many books available on engineering management that can provide valuable insights and guidance. Some popular books include "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries, "The Phoenix Project" by Gene Kim, and "High Output Management" by Andrew Grove. Reading these books can help engineering managers develop their skills and become more effective leaders.
  6. Engineering Management Process Examples

  7. Transitioning from Individual Contributor

    Moving from an individual contributor role to an engineering management role can be challenging. It requires a shift in mindset from focusing on individual tasks to managing a team and projects. Engineering managers need to learn how to delegate tasks, communicate effectively, and motivate their team members to achieve project goals.
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