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Data Modeling

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Data Modeling is part of our Engineering Career Leveling Framework. Explore next steps in your career from this industry-standard model.
  1. Intro to Data Modeling

    Types of Data Models
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  2. Common Data Modeling Challenges

    These are common challenges people face when gaining expertise in data modeling. Tackling these challenges head-on can help you learn this skill quicker.

    I'm a senior software engineer working on a project that requires integrating data from multiple sources. Each data source has its own schema and data format, so I'm facing difficulties in mapping and transforming the data to fit into a cohesive structure. How can I design a data model that accommodates the diverse data sources and ensures data integrity and consistency?
    I'm a software engineer working on designing a data model for a new application. I'm having a hard time determining the optimal structure and relationships between the different entities in the system. I'm unsure how to strike a balance between normalization and denormalization, and I'm concerned about the performance implications of what I decide. How can I ensure that my data model is efficient, scalable, and meets the application requirements?
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  3. Migrations

    Conceptual Data Model