Code Reviews

A code review is when a software engineer checks another engineer's code before it goes to production. This can help prevent bugs, improve code quality, share knowledge, encourage mentorship, and improve overall development velocity.
  • Intro to Code Reviews

    Code reviews are a crucial part of the software development process that involves examining code to identify bugs, improve quality, and promote best practices.

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  • Guidance for the Code Author

    Code authors should strive to write clean, readable, and maintainable code, and provide clear documentation and explanations for their decisions.

  • Guidance for the Code Reviewer

    Code reviewers should approach reviews with a constructive mindset, focusing on providing feedback that is specific, actionable, and respectful. They should also be aware of common biases and blind spots that can affect their evaluations.

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  • Example Code Review Policies

    Example code review policies may include guidelines for the frequency and scope of reviews, the use of automated tools, and the roles and responsibilities of different team members. Policies should be tailored to the needs and culture of the organization.

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  • Further Reading