Product Management

Product Roadmaps

Historically, product roadmaps have been used to communicate what features will be released in the future, and when they'll be released. More recently, product roadmaps have been upgraded to communicate product strategy, intent, and direction, along timeframes that balance clarity and flexibility.
  • What Is a Product Roadmap?

    A product roadmap is a strategic document that outlines a product's vision, goals, and timeline for development. It helps teams stay focused on the big picture and communicate their plans to stakeholders.

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  • What Goes In a Roadmap

    A roadmap should include product features, user needs, market trends, and technical requirements. It should prioritize items based on their importance and feasibility, and allow for flexibility as priorities shift.

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  • How to Align With Company Strategy

    Alignment with company strategy is crucial for a successful roadmap. It should reflect the company's overall goals and values, and be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it stays on track.

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  • How to Format a Roadmap

    The format of a roadmap should be clear, concise, and easy to understand. It should use visual aids such as charts and timelines, and allow for collaboration and feedback from team members and stakeholders.

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  • Product Roadmap Examples

    Product roadmap examples can vary depending on the industry and product type. Some examples include a software development roadmap, a product launch roadmap, and a marketing roadmap. Each should be tailored to the specific needs of the product and its stakeholders.

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