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Chief of Staff

Chief of staffs are hired to increase the leverage of an executive, usually starting with a CEO. There are multiple ways to achieve this goal, which can include managing the executive’s priorities, overseeing staff & internal operations, or spearheading special projects. At an earlier stage company, this might involve filling in gaps for roles that don't exist yet, whereas at a larger organization the role might spend more time on communications, managing Meetings, and defining how the organization operates consistently across departments.
  1. Learn Chief of Staff with the Practica AI Coach

    The Practica AI Coach helps you improve in Chief of Staff by using your current work challenges as opportunities to improve. The AI Coach will ask you questions, instruct you on concepts and tactics, and give you feedback as you make progress.
  2. What is a Chief of Staff?

    A Chief of Staff is a high-level executive who supports a company's CEO or other top-level executive by managing their daily schedule, acting as a liaison between departments, and overseeing projects.
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  3. When and How to Hire a Chief of Staff

    Hiring a Chief of Staff is appropriate when a company is experiencing significant growth, restructuring, or facing complex challenges. It is important to identify the specific needs of the company and to seek candidates with a diverse skill set and experience.
  4. How to Operate as a Chief of Staff

    Successful Chief of Staffs prioritize communication, build relationships, and maintain a high level of organization. They must also be able to adapt to changing circumstances and be comfortable with ambiguity. It is important to establish clear expectations and boundaries with the CEO and other executives.