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Learn about coaching as a new engineering manager

We match each manager with an experienced engineering leader from a leading tech company.
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Coaching engineering managers at
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Empower yourself to be a great engineering manager

Domain-specific, impactful learning

After 6 months of coaching, most individuals learn and practice 20-30 skills, each relevant to their on-the job-challenges.

Coaching helps me reframe roadblocks and feedback to approach leadership more positively and with more thoughtfulness.
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Josh Valdez
Engineering Manager, Gem
Our approach to coaching engineering managers
01 We match engineering managers with coaches
We get to know you and match you with a coach experienced in engineering management, specifically matched to your preferences and goals.
Coach and Learner discussing a unique challenge
02 1-hour coaching sessions 2x-monthly
These sessions are with a hand-picked expert from our roster of coaches and cover targeted content from our curated curriculum. you can alter session frequency as needed. Engineering management coaching subscriptions cost $500 per person per month.
PM leadership coaching
03 Grow your skillset and career
Work with your coach to reach your goals and stay accountable, like a personal trainer for work. You'll be able to access a curriculum of curated resources in your field.
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Coach and Learner discussing a unique challenge