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Learn the Skills For Your Next Customer Success Promotion.

Journal your challenges and accomplishments and learn from our curriculum to reach your goals.
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It's hard to learn new skills. But we're here to help.
Promotions can be complex and confusing. Practica helps you take control.
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Practica is a digital personal trainer that will get you promoted.
01 Plan your path to promotion
Use our department-specific skill maps that are built with leveling frameworks from leading employers. Plan your path to promotion by identifying specific skills.
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02 Targeted Learning Resources
Use our curriculum to turn your on-the-job projects into learning moments so that you can reach your full potential for yourself and your team.
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03 Journaling and Career Copilot
Practica keeps you committed to making progress. Practica tracks your results so that you're ready for your next promotion conversation or your next job interview.
journal your wins and show off
A series of career steps showing a title progression
of Practica members create skill development habits*
of Practica members perform better on the job*
have made positive changes in their lives thanks to Practica*
*based on a survey of members with 1-1 coaching
Why Practica?

Career Level Maps from Top Companies

We've made sure that each of our skill maps comes from today's promotion guidelines, not yesterday's. We monitor career frameworks from 60 leading technology companies to add, update, and remove skills. We've pulled out over 400 skills from those frameworks, so you can be confident that you're learning the skills that actually matter in your career.

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Curated Learning Resources

For each skill, we've curated a syllabus of learning resources designed to help you make fast progress, and our journaling feature helps you apply your learning directly to the projects you're working on.

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Record Your Wins and Successes

With Practica, you'll have a record of your challenges, progress, and wins that highlights your on-the-job skills and accomplishments. You'll be able to see your progress and present it to others to advance your career.

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We're Your Accountability Partner

It's not enough to have the above resources at your fingertips. You need to actually use them, regularly, even when you're at your busiest. Features like activity streaks, reminders, and goal check-ins help you make sure you're always making progress on your goals.

Picture of team member accomplishing their goals

Practica is the missing puzzle piece in my career.”

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Software Engineer, Dropbox
What customer success challenges are you facing?
Trained on over 1,500 resources across more than 400 skills, Practica is the professional skills coach with broad and deep knowledge.

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