Product Management

Feature Kickoffs

A feature kickoff, sometimes called a product kick-off or a project kick-off, is a meeting and process that explains to relevant stakeholders the plans, goals, and context for the team's work on a new feature. It's usually conducted by a product manager, but not always. It can include an explanation of the problem space, a breakdown of user stories, competitive offerings vs. our differentiation, and scoping.
  • Intro to Feature Kick-Offs

    Feature Kick-Offs are essential for successful product development, as they provide a clear direction and vision for the team to follow.

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  • Kick-off Meeting Purpose

    The purpose of a Kick-Off Meeting is to align stakeholders on the goals, objectives, and deliverables of a project, as well as to establish communication and collaboration strategies.

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  • Agendas and Templates for Kick-Off Meetings

    Agendas and templates for Kick-Off Meetings should be tailored to the specific project and team, with a focus on clarity, engagement, and action items. Best practices include setting expectations, assigning roles, and providing context.

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