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Articles by Shreyas Doshi

Shreyas Doshi is a renowned product leader and the founder of High Leverage LLC, a coaching service through courses. In his weekend course "Managing your Product career in 2023 & beyond," over 1000 senior PMs and product leaders from various companies worldwide have been coached. Doshi started his career as an engineer at Automated Total Systems Solutions Inc. and then worked at EDS (Loudcloud) for three years, where he transitioned to product management. He worked as a Senior Manager of Product Management at Yahoo!, where he focused on Yahoo! Identity and account security. Later, he worked for six years at Google as a Group Product Manager, where he worked on AdWords frontend, AdWords API, AdWords for mobile, identity, account security and abuse, and Google Search ads. He then worked as a Director of Product Management at Twitter, where he led product management for User Safety (Accounts, Abuse, Spam, Security), Twitter Profiles, Direct Messaging, and International Growth. Finally, he joined Stripe as its fourth Product Manager and helped define and grow the Product Management function, from around five to over 50 people. He also led Stripe's flagship product for marketplaces & SaaS platforms (Connect) for three years, led Stripe's in-person POS payments product (Terminal), helped form Stripe's Mobile products team, and most recently led the company's strategy for B2B payments.