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Iconography is part of our Design Career Leveling Framework. Explore next steps in your career from this industry-standard model.
  1. Introduction to Iconography

    Iconography is the study of symbols and images in art and culture. It involves analyzing the meaning and context of these symbols and how they relate to the society and culture in which they were created. Iconography has been used throughout history to convey important messages and ideas.
  2. Advanced Techniques

    Advanced techniques in iconography include the use of digital tools to analyze and interpret images. These tools can help researchers identify patterns and connections between symbols and images. Additionally, advanced techniques may involve interdisciplinary approaches that combine art history, anthropology, and other fields.
  3. Case Studies

    Case studies in iconography provide examples of how symbols and images have been used in different cultures and contexts. These case studies may focus on specific works of art or cultural practices, and they can provide insights into the meaning and significance of these symbols and images. Case studies can also help researchers understand how symbols and images have evolved over time.